Welcome to keysstore.org.   (referred to as we, our or “Keysstore.org”) provide website features and other services to you when you visit or hop at keysstore.org (“the Site”), use our products or services (Collectively “the Services”). Keysstore.org provides the Services to you subject to the conditions set out on this document.


1.1 The use of the Services and/or access to the Site are subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, including the Privacy Rules, the Product Listing Rules and all other terms and conditions in relation to the use and/or operation of the Site that may be published from time to time by Keysstore.org. This document and all other terms and conditions of the Site are hereinafter generally referred to as “the Regulations”. By using the Site or Services you signify your agreement to be bound by these Regulations. You are requested not to use the Site or any Service if you do not accept the Regulations.

1.2 Users must not use Services and accept the Regulations if they (a) are not of the age to sign a valid agreement with Keysstore.org or (b) are not permitted to use the Services in accordance with the laws of the country/region of the User’s residence and where the Services are used.

1.3 Users acknowledge and accept that Keysstore.org may make any changes to its Site and Services. Such changes will be reflected in the Regulations accordingly. By further using such Site and Services you signify your agreement to be bound by all changes that may affect the User.

1.4 The Regulations shall be written in the English language. In the event that the Regulations is translated into any other language and there is any inconsistency between the version in the English language and such translation, the English version shall be the binding version.

1.5 Users may sign with Keysstore.org a separate agreement for certain services provided by Keysstore.org. (Additional Provisions). In case of any conflict or discrepancy between the Regulations and Additional Provisions, the Additional Provisions shall prevail over the Regulations with regard to that specific service(s).

1.6 The Regulations may be amended unilaterally by an authorised person(s) of Keysstore.org in writing.

1.7 When you use any Services or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. We will communicate with you by email or by posting notices on the Website or through other Services. For contractual purposes, you consent to receive communications from us electronically and you agree that all agreements, notice, disclosures and other communications that we provide you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing, unless mandatory applicable laws specifically require a different form of communication.


2.1 Joining Keysstore.org is free of charge.

2.4 The user has to sign in to access and use the the Site. Keysstore.org reserves its right to restrict access to or suspend the provision of Services (including but not limited to any functions and/or feature of the Site) without prior notice to you in advance.

2.5 Services (or any other functionalities incorporated into the Site) can be different for different countries or regions. No guarantee is given to the effect that a Service or functionality of a certain type or reach will be available for all Users. Keysstore.org can, at its absolute discretion, restrict, decline or create another level of access relating to the use of Services (or any other functionality incorporated into the Site) for different Users.

2.6 Keysstore.org has the right to introduce, change or increase the prices for, impose terms and conditions of use, suspend or discontinue any Services (or any functionalities incorporated into a Service/the Site) without prior notice.

2.7 You can refund payments up to 30 days after the transaction date (Section 9)


3.1 Subject to your compliance with the Regulations and your payment of any applicable fees, Keysstore.org grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable licence to access and make personal and non-commercial use of the Services.

3.2 All rights not expressly granted to you in these Conditions of Use or any Service Terms are reserved and retained by Keysstore.org or its licensors, suppliers, publishers or rights holders.

3.3 You may not misuse the Keysstore.org Services. You may use the Keysstore.org Services only as permitted by law. The licenses granted by Keysstore.org terminate if you do not comply with the Regulations or laws.

3.4 The User agrees to use the Sites and Services for their personal purposes only. The User must not (a) duplicate, copy, download, disseminate, sell, distribute or resell any Services, information, texts, graphics, video clips, sounds, screenplays, files, databases or lists whatsoever available on or via the Sites (Site Content) and (b) duplicate, copy, download, compile or otherwise use for commercial purposes any Site Content that is competitive to Keysstore.org or use the Site Content in any other commercial way. It is forbidden to retrieve the Site Content systematically to create or compile, either directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database and catalogue (by using robots, search engines, automatic or manual devices) without written permission from Keysstore.org. The use of any content or materials available from the Sites for purposes not specified in the regulations is forbidden.

3.5 The User is obliged to become familiar with Keysstore.org Personal Information Protection Policy specifying all the details of how to protect and use Users’ personal information that is in possession of Keysstore.org and our partners. By using the Site or Services you signify your agreement to follow and be bound by the terms and conditions of Personal Information Protection and all applicable rules and policies relating the Personal Information Protection.

3.6 The User agrees that he/she will not take any action to compromise the integrity of computer systems or networks belonging to Keysstore.org and/or any other User or to obtain unauthorised access to such computer systems or networks.

3.7 Using automation scripts and programs, which cause server performance issues, will be considered a violation of rules and it may result in a penalty for the account.

3.8 We are entitled to cancel any order made by the buyer which remains unpaid for 48 hours.


4.1 The User has to subscribe/register his/her self to/with the Site to obtain access to and use certain Services. Any User who has completed the subscription/registration may hereinafter also be referred to as “Member”) Unless otherwise permitted by Keysstore.org, one User should subscribe for and hold one User Account only. Keysstore.org can close or suspend a User Account if Keysstore.org reasonably suspects that the User has subscribed to or controls two or more user accounts. Keysstore.org may reject a User registration application without specifying reasons.

4.2 After subscription to a Site, Keysstore.org will open an account and assign an ID and password (to be designated by Users during the registration process) to each registered User.

4.3 The ID and password combination is unique for each account. Each User is personally responsible for keeping secret and safe their own ID and password and for all actions taken as part of their account. Neither User is entitled to share, assign or authorise the use of their account, private ID or password by any other person whatsoever. The User undertakes to advise Keysstore.org immediately of each unauthorised use of their password or account or any other violation of security rules in their account.

4.4 The User acknowledges that sharing their account with other people or giving access thereto for many people other than the User’s personnel may cause irreversible damage to Keysstore.org or other Site Users. The User is obliged to protect Keysstore.org, our partners, officers, personnel, agents and representatives against losses and damage (including non-financial) caused by the use of their account by multiple Users. The User also agrees that if their account is shared by multiple persons or it is impossible to keep it safe, Keysstore.org will not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by compromising safety and is entitled to suspend or close such a User account without being liable to the User.

4.5 You must provide any information needed in order to complete the signup process. All information provided by you shall be true, accurate, current and complete.


5.1 To the fullest extent permitted by law, all Services provided by Keysstore.org on or via the Sites are made available on an AS IS, IF AVAILABLE, and WITH ALL DEFECTS basis”, and Keysstore.org hereby expressly declines all warranties, including but not limited to any warranty of condition, quality, durability, functioning, reliability, merchantability or suitability for any specific purpose. All warranties, representations, conditions or undertakings are hereby excluded.

5.2 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Keysstore.org does not make any representation or give any warranty in relation to the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness or commonness of any information provided on or via the Sites. Keysstore.org does not represent or warrant that the manufacturing, import, export, distribution, offering, presentation, purchase, sale and/or use of any products or services offered on the Sites is free from infringement of any third party rights, nor does Keysstore.org make any representation or give any warranty in relation to any of the Services offered or presented on the Sites in any aspect.

5.3 Each User/Seller shall be personally responsible for his/her act of downloading or otherwise obtaining any material from and/or via the Website, and the User/Seller will be held liable forall loss and/or damages that may be caused to Keysstore.org as a result of and/or incidental to any downloaded material. No information or advice, provided either orally or in writing, that can be obtained by the User/Seller from Keysstore.org or from/via the Site should not be deemed to be any warranty or representation of whatsoever nature.

5.4 The Sites can give the User access to services or products provided by independent third parties. No warranty or representation is given in relation to such services or products in any aspect. In no event can Keysstore.org or our partners be held liable for such services or products.

5.5 Each User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Keysstore.org, our partners, management, officers, and personnel from and against any losses, damage or claims (including legal costs incurred therefrom) that may occur as a result of any use of the Sites or Services by the User (including the information published by the User/Seller on the Sites) or violation any of the terms and conditions of the Regulations. Each User/Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Keysstore.org, our partners, management, officers, and personnel from and against any losses, damage or claims (including legal costs incurred therefrom) that may occur as a result of any warranty infringement or complaints filed by the User against Keysstore.org.

5.6 Keysstore.org cannot be held liable for any specific, direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or consequential damage or any other damage (including but not limited to loss of profit or savings, business disruptions and loss of information) as a result of:

a) using or being unable to use any of the Sites or the Services;
b) damaging goods, samples, data, information or services purchased or obtained from the User or any third party via any of the Sites;
c) infringing any third party rights or claims and/or receiving any demands in relation to the manufacturing, import, export, distribution, offering, presentation, purchase, sale and/or use of products or services offered on the Sites and the fact that they may infringe or be deemed to infringe any third party rights;
d) any data or private information being accessed by any third party in an unauthorised manner;
e) any other matter relating to the Sites that may amount to negligence.

5.7 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the total liability of Keysstore.org, our personnel, agents, partners, representatives and all persons acting on our behalf for all claims arising from the use of our Sites or Services throughout the entire calendar year is limited in respect of each User to (a) the total fees paid by Users to Keysstore.org or (b) $1,000, whichever is lower. The foregoing sentence does not waive the need to prove the respective damage alleged to be sustained by the User. All claims arising from the use of the Sites or Services have to be raised within three (3) months after the date on which a problem occurs.

5.8 The limitations and exclusions of liability under the Regulations refer to the fullest extent permitted by law and will be effective regardless of giving notice to Keysstore.org that such damage may occur.


6.1 In no event can Keysstore.org be held responsible for any delay, interruption or error of the content or service provided via the Sites if caused, either directly or indirectly, by forces of nature, agents beyond our reasonable control, including failures of the Internet, computer hardware, telecommunications or any other equipment, blackouts, strikes, labour actions, riots, insurrections, civil commotion, labour or material shortages, fire, flood, storms, explosions, acts of God, war, government acts, court or tribunal orders or third party negligence.


7.1 Keysstore.org is the sole owner and legal licensor of all the rights and interests to the Sites and their Content. The Sites and their Content contain business secrets and other intellectual property protected by international copyright and other laws. All the titles, ownership and intellectual property rights to the Sites and their Content remain with Keysstore.org and our partners. All rights to any claim under the Regulations or raised by Keysstore.org are reserved in this case.

7.2 Keysstore.org may cooperate with independent third parties involved in the provision of Services (e.g. service provider confirmation and verification). It is forbidden to use any trademark, service mark or logo belonging to any third party without prior permission from such a party.


8.1 All legal notices or requests addressed to Keysstore.org should be sent in writing to info@keysstore.org. Notices will be accepted once they have been received by Keysstore.org.


9.1 Users have to sign in in order to make a purchase and fill in card details and billing details, including their legal name, residential address. Users must authorise their payment with their card issuer. Keysstore.org accepts Visa and MasterCard debit or credit card. The users may pay in various currencies which can be chosen during the checkout process.

9.2 On the acceptance of payment, within an hour, Keysstore.org sends the letter with the digital license key (a photo or a written text) to the User’s email address. All keys are valid.

9.3 The User may be refunded within 30 days of purchase, provided the game he/she have bought the key for is not yet deemed. The monies will be credited back to the User’s card.


10.1 Unless otherwise stipulated in the Additional Arrangements, the Regulations constitute the entire agreement between you and Keysstore.org in respect of your using the Site and Service and supersede all previous agreements, either oral or in writing, regarding the same subject.

10.2 Keysstore.org and the User are independent contractors and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise between them are stipulated in the Regulations.

10.3 If any provision of the Regulations turns out to be invalid or unenforceable, such a provision should be deleted and the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable.

10.4 Headings are used for reference only and in no way do they define, restrict or describe the scope or size of any section.

10.5 The unenforceability of any right Keysstore.org may have or its waiver of any violation against the provisions of the Regulations do not constitute a waiver of the claim to enforce such a right or a waiver by Keysstore.org of its right to claim such enforcement in respect of subsequent or similar violations.

10.6 Keysstore.org is entitled to lay down the provisions of the Regulations (including all our rights, titles, benefits, interests, duties and obligations in the Regulations) in respect of every person or entity (including Keysstore.org partners).

10.7 The Regulations are governed by the laws of England without reference to their conflicting provisions. Parties approving the Regulations are totally subject to the jurisdiction of courts in England.